Moving knowledge

No matter what you do, there's a first time, move the same way

  because first times is from live to moved furniture, this main from children home handling I of furniture, so has and please has with a a Shenzhen moved company of people, but this out has points problem, has a members to can't, that this pieces thing on do can't has, I and to that middle-aged people playing network, let he to sponsored, he is foursquare of to has. Busy with school and moved out, I let him helping me to clean house, and finds a middle-aged woman sponsored. See middle-aged women, and he said he did not. I was very surprised. He called me out of the House, said the last time he and the young people fighting over how this money is because he is young and not married, family pressure, Jia Jing of the middle-aged women harder than him, so he offered to quit.

in Shenzhen, a lower price to move the school under the auspices of, I moved house. But the home is a mess, and I from the labor market for someone to finish. Two people, please. A middle-aged man, a young man, the middle-aged working faster than the young, good quality, but at a time when I pay them the same wages and middle-aged people are unhappy, so I gave him 5 Yuan.

I think very few people, very easily! So I suggest he went to Shenzhen that have moving companies phone application, and they are understaffed. Middle-aged rich smiled and said I can't do it, this is also quite good. I didn't say anything, just think he's a bad guy, and now it has too few people seem to have!

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