Moving knowledge

Also we moved to reciprocity

  now social as long as is wedding almost what are to are route he, Shenzhen moved company phone congratulated will sent gifts what, like what rose vocational, and married, and health child, and found work, and make has girlfriend and so on are is good, good will we as friends of said congratulated, some thing said several sentence message on line, some thing is will sent must of gifts, so moved also certainly is wedding has, minority of except, General are is good, so moved to don't sent gifts does?

on ceremony this while to see himself and friends relationship, relationship compared good, friends somewhat wedding we on should congratulated about, relationship General of, so will is again has large wedding of when congratulated has gift has, so moved this things is good has, are said housewarming, say moved of wedding has, but not relationship is good of friends moved we congratulated several sentence on line has, but good friends moved also is to sent some gift show congratulated of, so friends moved we should sent some what gift only is right does? So I would recommend for everyone right now, then have a friend move what we know, some netizens push presents from moving to, recommend Hong Bao, has recommended sending plaque, has recommended a friend missing, some recommended dishes, ornaments, paintings, pots, or arts and crafts, and so on, and so what we do? Some gifts to the people, such as mentor some elegant calligraphy and painting is better, if Shenzhen is moving company prices sent some flowers stationery books good art or decoration would be better, elders, then send us some fruit or what nutrition best ... ... So, for a lot of people have a lot of gifts, but personally do not recommend sending money directly, although more money, but better don't have to give money, gifts are directly send money too vulgar, or carefully prepared some gifts is better, friends will like.

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