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The matter of Feng Shui, we must prefer to believe them and some

  whenever is people, for Feng Shui gossip this pieces thing, Shanghai moved company price are is rather letter its has, not letter its no, alone now University inside architectural design are has building Feng Shui learn, so said, Feng Shui this pieces thing, we also is have attention of, many people now are is himself venture, himself open shop do boss, shop is money of first big treasure, must have selected good Feng Shui, wants to sources rolling, on have select Feng Shui treasure, select yin and Yang balance, and five same of Feng Shui treasure. Good Feng Shui can cause steady development of the gas field, the ascendant.

now of people in Feng Shui Shang are about a make money, requirements live of place Feng Shui good, moved field company himself home open of fa├žade also have Feng Shui good, anyway what are have Feng Shui good, can General people not know how select Feng Shui good of place, only find specifically of master view, but specifically of master see words, is a pen not small of costs, so I in here with everyone share points select Feng Shui treasure of small tips, only for everyone reference select:

Hall 1, open front shops should not be narrow and limited.

2, open the facades of stores for the rest of the seats should not be too much or too little, depending on store size added.

3, open the door should not have too many loopholes rear door.

4, open front shops should not be around the bridge.

traffic should not block 5, open front shops, in front of road should not have too many obstacles.

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