Which of the people moving to

  daily are was kick Yu moved of things, run Yu old House and new home Zhijian, however those not career no wage of kick is no let those to moved of family members was upset and lazy, instead is is full active up of attitude, more no not homes, certainly I this said of is most, not said those special of was forced moved of not homes, but said most family of moved, most of Shanghai moved company moved are is active of, this what is to what.

Why do people move? Reasons has many, first, buy has new homes, home once rich on will buy a even more sets new House, this is social of general phenomenon, those rich General also not a two sets House, House is home of symbol, everyone are in for home of development and business, so buy sets good of House moved into to is target, so to family of better and moved; second, to enjoy life and moved, poor is not in house up enjoy life of, so to enjoy life and moved of almost are is rich has, big boss , And boss, dang they developed of that day, they has has enough of money buy sets villa on is also not too, and those boss also most will so do, Villa with General of House not as, see price we also know Villa of comfortable, so wants to enjoy family of comfortable, and House of luxury hearty, will moved, moved into Villa; third, to debt and Shanghai moved company phone, investment has risk, this is a sentence are listening to said words, so-called rich insurance in the seeking, but seeking road of more rich, bankruptcy of will moved, Than he sold his house to move into poor House or no House, Homestay families, three points above are all reasons for moving.


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